THE NAVIGATOR'S Hal Jensen "I have looked at many Bible memory systems over the last 25 years - MemLok is the best I've seen.

The MemLok Notebook (Limited Supply) has the same verses as the software
The pictures are NOT in color as they are in the software. The paper is different colors based on the translation.
The picture on the front of the business card starts you with the "first key words".
The full scripture is on the other side of the business card.
TrainConvict Pictures
KJV Card ColorKing James Version NKJ Card ColorNew King James Version NIV Card ColorNew International Version NAS Card ColorNew American Standard Version
There are 48 pull-apart pages (8.5x11") like this in your MemLok notebook. Remove ONE card each week. It goes into a 10-slot plastic that comes with MemLok. There are enough to store all 700 verses.
12 Heaven Cards

My Kingdom
Jn 18:36
Let the little children
Mt 19:14
The 24
Rev 4:10
I consider
Rom. 8:18
In my Father's house
Jn 14:2,3
Our citizenship
Phil 3:20,21
I saw a new
Rev 21:1,2
No one can
Jn. 3:3
Never again
Rev 7:16,17
Lk 23:43
The Lord
1 Th 4:16-18
Make your own
(48 blanks)

MemLok is a long range, low pressure, application-oriented Bible memory system. I recommend you use the Seven Devotional Tools. The Meditation page will guide you to "apply" your verse personally "in context" weekly. Wonderful to share with your children, in small groups or in a discipling relationship.

BallThe Review SystemBall

Anybody can memorize. It's just that no one can remember! Most people get to about 100 verses, 3 years of home schooling, or 30 years of age - whichever comes first, and then quit. There is just too much to review and it takes too long!

Not with MemLok! You will be spending approximately 5-10 minutes a day reviewing. When you are done (think positive!) you will rotate through all 700 verses, 48 topics every 60 days since you will take the weekends off. You will still spend about 5-10 minutes a day reviewing!

If you have any questions about the review system, you may call 562-714-8100 at any time and receive patient assistance.

Like a 3-legged Stool . . .
Three Things Make Bible Memory Work
Review, Accountability, and Desire. Isn't that RAD? Ahem.
The bigger the base, the taller the building (in God's strength, of course!)

MemLok provides the Review system and two forms to assure Accountability (we recommend a friend outside the home).Desire is initially up to you. But MemLok's fun pictures help. Selecting your own topic and verse every week is very important too!