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MemLok World Community

A Global Walk with God Initiative

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.
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Bible Study Groups

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Personal Meditation

Classroom and Home Schooling

Perfect for the Christian Classroom and Homeschools

MemLok Global Community is ideal for the classroom and the homeschool. Using shared mobile devices, students sign on to the MemLok mobile app and complete their daily review. Teachers can login to the Community portal to view whether the student has logged in and completed their daily review. The fastest score, overall score, and previous challenge winners are recorded on the Leaderboard.

The MemLok World Community is a place for fun and fellowship.

It’s where Christians from around the world can gather to walk with God, meditate on His word, and have a blast doing it.

With MemLok World Community you can join or start Bible study groups, and create ‘challenges’ for your group members. To start a group you simply select a verse to memorize, and set the time period for your challenge. Share the Group ID with your friends, family, and Bible study group members and they can join your group. Each challenge is scored on fastest time and frequency of reviews.

Using the Bible Memory by MemLok Mobile App you can…

Join a Public Bible Group where Christians around the world can challenge one another in memorizing scripture. It’s a great way to add some fun and friendly competition to your personal Bible study. It’s also a great way to get started with MemLok and helps develop the habit of daily Bible reviews.

Join a Private Bible Group let’s you join a group in which you were invited. All you need is the Group ID and you’re in the group.

Start a Private Bible Group where you are the group leader. It takes 2 minutes to create a group. Share the Group ID with your members and challenge each other to memorize verses.

Jump Start Your Family, Friends...Even Your Bible Study Group

Wake up your Family, Friends and Bible Study Group with a little bit of fun and something new. Every member can track the group’s progress and keep an eye on the LeaderBoard.

Ideal for your Personal Devotional

For personal Bible meditation, MemLok Global Community helps you focus on scripture by playing games which test your progress. If you don’t see a group you want to join you can even create your own group and become the only member. But adding a ‘buddy’ to walk with you is a lot more fun.

Join our Private Facebook Group

Chat and Share with other group members in our Private Facebook Group! With the Forever app you not only can join MemLok World Community you get an invitation to join our Private Facebook Page. Share with other groups or between the members of other groups. Learn what others do to lead and inspire the Community to share and learn God's word.

Navigating MemLok World Community

Sign-In to MemLok World Community using the same email and password as your Bible Memory by MemLok Friends and Family Forever Edition Mobile App.

MemLok World Community may be accessed by registered owners and the friends and family members of the Forever Edition. It may also be accessed by our Classroom Edition members.

Select a Public MemLok Group which looks interesting to you and click or tap the 'View' button. If someone asked you to join a group and gave you a Group ID, tap the 'Join Private Group' button next to Private MemLok Groups and complete the 'Add New Group Member' form.

Fill out the Add New Group Member form starting with the Group ID which was provided to you by the person who started the group. Complete the remaining information. Only members of your group who have been provided with the Group ID can view inside your private group. Your email address is not visible to the public.

After joining a private or public group and tapping the 'View' button, you will be directed to the Group Leader Board. Here you can view the group leader's information, the group description, and the current challenge verse.

To participate in the challenge find the Bible verse, Bible translation, and make a note of the challenge game. Inside the mobile app select the card for the verse and translation. Play the game as often as you wish. Your score will automatically be calculated and added to the Leaderboard.

The Group Progress section displays all the people in the group and their progress in the challenge. The green happy face icon indicates the group member used the app to review the verse. The red sad face means they were absent. The fastest score indicates the fastest time in seconds each member completed the challenge game. The 'Overall Score' factors in the frequency the app was used and the fastest time. 

To start a new group, tap the 'Start a Group' button next to the My MemLok Groups Section. Give your new group a name, a brief description, your contact information, and select your first challenge verse. The Start and End Dates are for the challenge period. You can set it for any length of time such as 2 days, 5 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks. You can even set the challenge period in the future to give your members time to sign in and get familiar with the app.