Pictures Make Recall 89% Better

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

By Drake Mariani | Founder, MemLok Bible Memory System

A few say "Do I have to use the picture"? Well, no. BUT. Evidence is vast that a mnemonic helps with Bible memory. Memory devices Help. They become a handle to associate with that increases your ability to recall something. The RED sign. You don't even think about it. It is permanently linked to STOP. It just works. Research backs it up.

​With a picture students did 59% better. A week later 89% better.

Use mnemonics to remember things better. A picture truly is better than a thousand words.

Fourth and fifth graders were tested on what they remembered about a story (with and without pictures). A day later, those with a picture did 59% better, and a week later 89% better. --Education Communication and Technology Journal

​A RED Choo-Choo train - Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child". You'll say the whole verse by just seeing that picture. "A RED-FACED ANGRY BEE" and you'll easily say the verse "Be Angry and yet do not sin". 

​It works whether you make up the picture or another does (MemLok). But, you can always change to your own picture! The picture I have for Matthew 7:22-23 above was one I found on the Internet. Works for me!

The above picture is one of hundreds that appear each day in Windows MemLok  when you finish your Bible Memory  review. We want to give you an "Attaboy"! And there are Stories, Encouraging Words, and Tips to help do that. ​You're going to recall your Scripture memory verses better.