Lesson 1

Getting Started with the MemLok Mobile App

Thanks for downloading the Bible Memory by MemLok Mobile App!

If you have downloaded before, please check with your app store for updates. Since the apps first release in October 2015, we have made several major updates which include new features. If you haven't downloaded the app or you'd like to re-download, click one of the icons below to download it to your mobile device. 

When you first create your MemLok account you will have access to our FREE edition. If you've selected the “Try The Premium Edition for 30 days” button this tutorial is for you. If you haven't selected the 30 day trial, you can still learn some valuable tips about how the mobile app works.

We want you to succeed in remembering God’s Word!

Let MemLok Bible Memory System help you draw near to the Lord. The Bible says “...your Word became for me the joy and rejoicing of my heart!” Jeremiah 15:16.

Begin by tapping the Bible Topics button.

Explore topics by tapping the buttons which interest you

Perhaps you need help with Anger for instance. Memorizing what you want will make you far more successful than memorizing verses you HAVE TO.

Read the verses under Anger and ask God for guidance

Tap the 2 A’s in the upper right make the text larger or smaller to improve readabilitySelect your preferred Translation by tapping one of the translation icons at the top of your screen. When you find a verse you want to memorize tap the Add to Queue icon. Repeat with another few topics until you have about 6 cards. Tap the Left arrow icon at the top of your screen and return to the main menu.

Tap My Cards and then Cards in Queue

In your queue you find all the cards you previously selected. If you want to remove a card from your queue tap the "Remove" icon. Find a verse you want to memorize and tap “Choose“. We highly recommend you only select one verse. You can always come back and select more. 

Review Your Card

The first key words of a verse are usually a stumbling point for most people when they try to remember a verse. MemLok provides a visual cue to help you remember. In our example above, a "heart" will trigger Proverbs 14:30 which starts with "A heart of peace".

Tap to flip your card

Tap the image to flip the card. Flip the cards back and forth to test yourself until you start to see you are memorizing the verse. Do this every day for 5 minutes. You'll then be ready for games. After 5 days MemLok will suggest you add a new card. Some verses may be easier to memorize because you are familiar with the verse. In this case you can add another card to pick up the pace.

Up Next in Lesson 2: MemLok's game feature.​

Small groups are great places to be accountable for your Bible Reading and Scripture Memory!