Lesson 3

Set Your Bible Version and Find a Verse

If you're using the Premium Edition, each time you go to Bible Books or Bible Topics, your verses will always display in your preferred version of the Bible by default.

Begin by tapping the Settings icon.

Next, select User Preferences.

Select your preferred version under Default Bible Version.

There are five Bible versions to choose from. King James (KJ), New American Standard (NAS), New International Version (NIV), New King James (NKJ), and the English Standard Version (ESV). By selecting a default Bible version, all of your verse and topic choices will be displayed in your preferred default version. 

To view the books of the Bible, tap the Bible Books icon.

Tapping the Bible Books icon will display an icon for every book in New and Old Testament. 

Select a Bible Book and tap to display the verses inside.

View pre-selected verses. Tap Choose or Add to Queue

In the example above we've selected the book of Matthew and scrolled down to Chapter 3, verse 8 from the New International Version. 

Tap on the Version icon to switch between Bible versions.

You can check out other Bible versions and even change the version for a particular verse. This will not affect your default user preference under Default Bible Versions.

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