Lesson 4

Prepare to Respond with God's Word with "Man says..."

"Man says..." is meant to prepare you to respond with God’s Word. You’re memorizing His Word to know God’s heart and mind. To be more like Him. To respond to your challenges and the people you meet in a Godly manner.

"Man says..." is a statement or question that might be posed by Satan. It may be a worldly statement. It could be a temptation you could meet. Sometimes it’s just a cue to help you learn a Biblical truth. The principle has been used by Word of Life Bible camp and by Bible quizzing groups worldwide.

Begin by tapping the Settings icon.

Next, select User Preferences.

Under "Show Man Says in Review", select Show.

Return to the Home screen and tap the My Cards icon.

Next, select "Cards in Review".

"Man says..." is displayed directly below the image.

Display the reverse side by tapping the card.

Up Next in Lesson 5: The Review System

Small groups are great places to be accountable for your Bible Reading and Scripture Memory!