Lesson 5

The Review System: Use it or lose it

You probably don't forget your children's names. You probably don't forget your address, or things about your favorite sport or hobby. You may recall a time when we committed many phone numbers to memory. Only now, with so many phone numbers being stored on our devices, we seldom can remember our own phone numbers! 

Regular usage keeps facts, verses, people, numbers available for recall. The MemLok review system will protect you from having this long list to review every day! Hidden from view, the app will move verses around and present them to you on a weekly or daily basis. You just keep adding the cards - one per week works best we’ve found - unless you’re adding ones you already know.

Why once a week? There are at least 2 reasons. We don’t want to overload you. We want you to have experiences with the verse. Bible Memory By MemLok is “long-range, low pressure”. We’re not aiming for “brain-fill”. Rather, we’re looking for “Life Change”. This happens by the power of the Holy Spirit who uses the Word of God. Making us “think with the Mind of Christ”. So, the default is to have the review system "On". But from the Home/Settings/User Preferences you can turn it off and or back on at any time.

Begin by tapping the Settings icon.

Next, select User Preferences.

Under "Use MemLok review rotation", select Yes.

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Small groups are great places to be accountable for your Bible Reading and Scripture Memory!