Lesson 6

Create a New User and Switch Users

When you download the app for the first time, you receive the Free Basic Edition. This is a good basic program for memorizing verses in the default Bible version of King James. However, the real power of the mobile app is in the premium edition which we give you a 30 day trial to check it out.

One of the many advantages of the premium edition is to create multiple users. Once these users are created, they can easily switch users on the same device and each persons personal activity is retained. This feature is only available in our family and group editions, as the personal edition is only available to single users.

But, here's a secret power tip we want to share with you. When you get a family edition you can add 4 users to the app for a total of 5 users. Here's the tip...if you don't have 4 extra family members to add to the app, you can share God's word by giving your extra user spot to someone as a gift. Once you add their email, they can use their personal mobile device to download the app and sign on. This is a powerful way to keep God's word alive in the heart and mind of someone you care about.

Add their email here. Tell them to download the app and when they get it, they’ll be registered for the Free Basic Edition. Then, they can “Try the Premium Edition for 30 days”.

Begin by tapping the Settings icon.

Next, select Create New User.

Enter the email address and password of your new user.

You can add your new user's email address and password. For your family members using a shared device, add their email address and enter a password. Each time they want to use the mobile app they can login and resume their memorization plan.

If you are sharing the app with a friend, you can either enter their preferred email and create a temporary password (they can change it later) or hand them your device and have them create it in less than a minute.

REALLY BIG TIP!!!! - If you use gmail and have family members who do not have email accounts, use this trick. Enter your email address followed by a plus sign and then the name of one of your family members. For example: If your regular email address is myemail@gmail.com and you have a son named John, create a new user with the email address myemail+john@gmail.com. Now, all of John's email will still come to your inbox, but Google will treat this as a separate email account. 

Return to Home Screen or Login to your new user account.

When the mobile app creates your new user it will give you the choice to login to the new account or return to the Home Screen.

Switch Users: Start at the Home Screen and tap Settings

From Settings menu, tap Switch User.

Enter the email address and password of the user account you want to access.

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