Creating Your Own Bible Memory Cards

Adding To The 550 Bible Memory cards in MemLok App

By Drake Mariani | Founder, MemLok Bible Memory System

It's awesome to have 550 Bible Memory cards already in MemLok. There are 48 topics - about 12 cards each. But, you can add your own verses, topics and pictures!

Remember, MemLok already has 550 Bible memory cards. So before you create a new one check there. There are just a few steps to create your own card and you can edit it. Don't worry if you want to change it later. 

First you give it a topic because hooks to help us to remember things. The more hooks we have the better we do. Second you can create a statement called "Man Says". These are statements people say that you want to answer with God's Word. You can skip this or do it later. Next you press the arrow in the upper right corner and the Bible Memory verse will be filled in for you!

Last, you need a picture. You have two choices. Search from all of our pictures to see if one of them fits your first key words. Or use one you save to your device. We suggest you go to Google images and type the word "cartoon" and a phrase you think would describe the kind of picture you want.​​

We hope you enjoy making your own Bible Memory cards! Here's a short video of how to do what I've described. ​